The Greatest Services and Best Transport Methods for Shipping a Car within the US

The act of shipping a car safely to another state is much too difficult for any ill-prepared or inexperienced individual. By paying attention to the reviews and ratings given by past customers, finding a shipping company you trust is much easier. If you wish for the utmost protection for your car, hiring longstanding transport professionals is the only way to go.

Choosing the Best Shipping Method for the Vehicle

Consider all shipping options before choosing the cheapest service to have the car delivered. Although your car is safe regardless of the transport method, some services provide further protection and quicker delivery times for an added cost. Customer service will assist you in your selections. They can even customize your shipping process if necessary.

Many car shippingย and local movers customers choose crated shipping services for their cars if they want the ultimate protection. It offers protection from vandalism, poor weather and other obstacles faced on the road. This added protection along with insurance coverage, assures your motorcycle will arrive safe and sound at its new home.

Explanation of Shipping Methods

  • Crated shipping is the safest form of transport. The car’s placed in a small crate where it is secured. Drain all fluids and disconnect the battery before it is retrieved by the transporter. This method is preferred most by those shipping valuable or antique vehicles.
  • Open air transport will mean that the vehicle’s placed on the back of a flatbed and tied down. It is open to the possibility of poor weather and road conditions.
  • Enclosed shipping is when the car’s placed within an enclosed a trailer for transport. This is another safe shipping service.
  • Terminal to terminal is when the car must be dropped off at a terminal and retrieved from another terminal.
  • Door to door services will send a hauler to your home to retrieve the automobile. It is then dropped off at the address specified by the customer.
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