Shipping an American Car to Japan

Transporting a car over the vast water and into another a country isn’t something that just anyone is capable of handling. It takes experience, understanding, the newest shipping technology, and strong tools and cargo ships to successfully ship the car into Japan. The car must meet the nation’s regulations if it is to lawfully enter the border.

It is important that you hire an auto transporter with overseas experience. There’s nothing more vital than complying with the country’s auto import laws if it is to make it across the border. Japan’s auto import laws aren’t too strict in comparison to other nations. Nonetheless, these rules can change at any time and it is wise to contact the Embassy of Japan for the current laws and tax rates.

Facts Regarding Container Shipping Methods

  • The absolute most security is provided through container transport services. The sturdy, strong walls of the shipping container protect the car from outside hazards.
  • Container services let the customer ship a vehicle as well as other household goods. All items must clear the restrictions set by the Asian nation.
  • Your car will need to be prepped before its enclosed transport. Wash the exterior and thoroughly clean out the interior. Top off all the car’s fluids except the fuel which should read less than ¼ full. Make sure all tires are filled with air too.
  • Document all damages with pen and paper. Take photographs of the vehicle in its entirety, including some close ups of the interior and any damages.
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