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For over two decades, American Auto Transport has excelled in the field of boat transport, providing seamless logistics and shipping services both locally and internationally. Our company boasts a team of seasoned experts well-versed in the intricate details of marine transportation. Whether you’re moving a yacht, sailboat, or vessel, our professionals ensure the secure delivery of your precious cargo, utilizing cradles, trailers, and containers to accommodate varying dimensions.

Operating from multiple locations across the United States, including California, Arizona, Tennessee, New York, and more, our boat transporters navigate the entire country, handling import/export processes, customs documentation, and insurance with utmost precision. As a trusted name in the industry, we pride ourselves on transparent pricing, offering competitive rates for boat movers tailored to the length of your journey. From Canada to France, Brazil to Germany, Spain to the United Kingdom, and even trips to Phoenix, our comprehensive services cover the globe, providing peace of mind for our clients. Explore our site map for a clear route, access pricing information, and discover everything from shipping rates to reviews. Our commitment to communication, expert handling of goods, and compliance with all requirements ensures a hassle-free experience for each shipment, making us the preferred choice for boat transport.

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Reliable Low-Priced Boat Transport Anywhere In the U.S.

Ship your boat with the best possible service

The boat transportation business has always been a successful one. That said, the boat transport service you choose needs to be experienced and should have the right manpower and equipment to ensure a safe and smooth process. A reliable boat shipping service also includes an efficient freight forwarding system, which allows for the seamless handling and transportation of boats across various distances and destinations.

This is why we transport boats with utmost care and experience. All our boat shipping services are tailored according to the type and size of the boat. Our boat shipping company has spent over two decades in this industry, hence delivering affordable and high-quality boat transport services. As a reputable boat shipping company, our extensive network and partnerships with various carriers enable us to act as a trusted broker, ensuring the smooth and efficient transport of your precious boat to its destination.

Boat Trailer Transport

Boat trailers are pivotal in the boat shipping process. They ensure that the boat remains safe and secure on the road. However, towing a boat trailer requires a lot of care and attention. The truck driver or car driver needs to have a good grip, especially when moving on busy roads or during business hours. For boat shipping services, having a secure container is essential to ensure the safety of the vessel and its contents during transportation.

Sacramento boat shipping safety tips

The drivers at the American Auto Transport have years of experience in boat hauling. You can ship your boat via trailer attached to a vehicle or choose a specialized heavy trailer for larger boats. Once your boat arrives at its destination, the boat shipping service will carefully unload and dock it safely, ensuring a seamless transition from transportation to the water. 

Local and International Boat Shipping By American Auto Transport

We are a fully licensed, registered and insured boat transport company with over 25 years of experience shipping vessels throughout the U.S.

Every boat we ship is covered by insurance, moved by a licensed professional, and tracked in real-time with satellite technology to give our customers live updates on the status of their boat while it’s being delivered.

Over the years we’ve moved just about every type of boat you can imagine, from inflatables to schooners and many others. There really is no limit to what we can deliver and how far we’re willing to go.

We ship boats of many different types. Here’s what we offer:

Yacht shipping

Yacht shipping

We offer the best yacht transport in the US, whether it's overseas transport or local. We can meet all your yacht shipping needs as the process is more technical.

Sailboat shipping

Sailboat shipping

We also offer sailboat shipping from your home to the port or back. You can also hire us for international shipping.

Jet skis shipping

Jet skis shipping

Have jet ski to ship? no problem! We have the right shipping methods for you!

Powerboats shipping

Powerboats shipping

We have experience in shipping powerboats of all kinds.

Pontoons shipping

Pontoons shipping

Want to ship your boat internationally to a boat show? Contact us for additional details!

Powerboats shipping

Houseboats shipping

Houseboats can be tricky for most boat shipping companies, but American Auto Transport can do it effectively.

Fishing boat shipping

If you're planning to spend your vacation by the lake, a fishing boat is a must-have. Contact us to ship a boat to your destination!

American Boat Shipping is Always Ready to Assist You

Fill out our online quote calculator to see how affordable it is to have your boat transported!

Sacramento boat shipping guidelines

Our licensed marine surveyor will inspect your boat and inform you about the next steps.

Whether you need your boat transported with a cradle or trailer, we have an affordable solution that will work for you! We also offer free consultations over the phone with one of our boat shipping specialists.

Preparations Before Shipping Boats 

Even if you’re not having your boat shipped that far, it’s extremely important to secure anything that might shift, open or detach while being moved.

Things that should be safely stored include antennas, propellers, dinghies, flagstaffs and outriggers. If you have any questions about what should be stored, please call us to speak to one of our staff.

This one is a biggie! If you’re having your boat moved from one state to another, the presence of zebra mussels could potentially cause your boat to be impounded.

Obviously the size or your boat will affect the type of carrier used to transport it, so it’s very important that you have accurate measurements when you speak to a professional boat moving company.

Before turning your boat over to a professional boat moving company, it’s important that you document any existing damage, which the driver of the carrier will also do. It’s a good idea to be thorough, take pictures and keep records so you can make sure your boat arrives in the same condition in which it left.

Don’t hesitate to call us if you have questions about shipping your boat!

Our consultants are among the best in the business and we also offer free quotes with no obligation on your part! Use the free quote form to start saving today!

What Preparations We Do to Transport Different Types of Boats

Wooden Boats

Wooden Boats​

We highly recommend – and we make sure you do it – that the wood boats be inspected thoroughly before they’re loaded onto the boat trailer. This is important because there may be a number of inherent structural weaknesses and one cannor detect it with a naked eye.

Alternatively, boat owners can choose a well-designed cradle with a larger contact area to ensure smooth weight spread. If that’s not an option, make sure that the boat shipping company uses extra pads, crossbars, and other supports. Keep in mind that they will not be held liable for any damage.


Unlike other boats, you cannot transport dingies on davits. Instead, they should be stored in a separate cabin on a boat, securely lashed and padded. If you’re using a trailer, secure your dinghy on its belly. Similarly, if there are any superstructures to be removed while transportation, make sure they are carefully secured with lashed and pads.



Transporting powerboats is a tricky business, hence, require special preparations before hauling.

First of all, you need to ensure that your boat’s windshield is robust enough to withstand the air pressure coming from the opposite direction.

Secondly, inspect the screws and the windshield’s seal to make sure there is no corrosion or cracks. In case of the slightest of doubts, we recommend removing the windshield before the boat shipment to avoid any damages. We will store it below the deck.

Sometimes, oversize boats are hauled in backward position. And this is even more difficult, putting more pressure on the windshield. To avoid any damage, we use shrink-wrap to protect your boat.

Power boats have outboard or inboard/outboard motors. They should be removed and locked at a safe place. Similarly, you can remove the props and store them to minimize the risk of damages.

Sailboat Shipping

Sailboats require special preparations. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • All masts should be de-rigged and un-stepped

  • Remove all the lights, rigging, wind indicators and winches

  • We recommend removing the life lines, stanchions, bow and stern pulpits if they’re adding to the boat’s height.

  • Properly clean the strongest side of the mast so that it can be rested on mast stands. Similarly, we recommend wrapping of the mast to guard against dirt and dust.

  • The boom stands should be there for support when the boom is suspended on the trailer’s belly

Instead of securing the mast on the boat, we’de recommend to secure it on the trailer, but it depends on what you choose. However, if you choose to secure it on the boat, the boat shipping company won’t be responsible for any damages to the boat or the mast.

Sail boats are of different types, and each requires further preparations, such as:

Center board sailbots: The board should be tightly secured during transit

Keel sailboats: You may see some separation where keel is attached to the hull. This may happen when the paint or filler cracking leaves its spot.

Racing boats: These are light build boats, and they may expect some hull indentation from the support pads. This is not a structural damage. The indentation normally disappear when you take the boat into the water.

Online Boating Resources

  • State Boating Laws – From the National Association of State Boating Law Administration (NASBLA), information on state boating laws and safety.
  • Boating Safety – A state-by-state breakdown of boating laws, safety and education materials.
  • U.S. Coast Guard – Boating safety, news, and information directly from the United States Coast Guard.
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