Shipping an American Car to Europe

When you must move to another country, have your car shipped over. There are many benefits to having your own automobile in another nation. Luckily, European import laws aren’t usually strict or hard to comply with.

Always find a reputable auto transport company nearby your home in the U.S. for shipping services. A dependable transporter will be with you every step of the way. Nonetheless, contacting the European Embassy for the current auto import regulations will be the vehicle owner’s responsibility.

Find and Have the Following Documents Ready…

  • Current title and registration
  • Proof of purchase or commercial invoice
  • Copy of import approval or Customs receipt
  • License and passport
  • Proof of paid duties associated with vehicle import

After the vehicle’s arrival to Europe, you will have 4 months to get it registered in the nation. Several government facilities offer registration services. Along with the documentation listed, you’ll need to provide proof of the paid taxes and duties associated with your car’s transport. Having all the proof necessary is important or your car may be denied access into Europe.

Not only is it hard to comply with foreign import laws, but it’s nearly impossible to ship a car without the right equipment or ships. The best solution is to hire a reliable and well-known car shipping company that specializes in international auto transports.

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